As you are aware, the corona virus outbreak has hit drastically our society and is having a dramatic impact in the economic field. The Government has set some measures in order to minimize the impact in medium and small business as well as self employed.

First of all, it is important to point out that, at present, no extension of the dead lines to report and pay taxes has been approved.

Most of the measures apply only to those business affected by the closedown decreed on Saturday march 15th: retail sale (except food, beverages, medicine and similar); schools and universities; restaurants, bars, gyms, and almost any leisure activity. From Monday march 23rd on hotels and hostels are also included.

Self-employed can enjoy of a suspension of the social security quote for one month, except the closing decreed is extended.
This is an extraordinary measure which means that, although no payment is made, all the rights as self employed remain.

Alternatively, for those activities not affected directly by the closedown, the alternative is that the sales of the previous month to the application are, at least, 75% less than the media of the sales in the previous six months.

Following are the requisite to apply for this extraordinary measure:

  • To be registered with the social security system as to march 14th
  • Activity must expressly be affected by the closing decreed.
  • No debts with social security.
The amount of the unemployment subsidy is 70% of the base which is roughly 660 euros.
The way the application is submitted does vary from one Mutua to another.

If you want our firm to deal with this application, please send to us the following:

  • Three latest receipts of autónomo.
  • Photocopy of your NIE number and passport.
  • Any document to show evidence that you are the holder of the bank account in which the unemployment benefit will be credited.
  • A certificate from your bank is the normal way, but this may not be feasible under the present circumstances.

Once we receive the above documents, we will send you the form approved by your Mutua filled up to be signed by you and sent back to us.

For more information contact us and we will assist you personally

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